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Vintage Wolverine metal kitchen set revamped for American Girl dolls, retro kitchen


My daughter has donated shelves full of toys from her playroom to make space for creating a dollhouse for her American Girl dolls. I have been keeping an eye out here and there for things that might fit or make it special. One of the first things I came across was a vintage Wolverine metal kitchen set exactly doll sized online. I got it for a great bargain but it needed a little revamping. Since my daughter has a child sized version I bought her years ago and I fixed that one up, I knew what I was doing.

These metal kitchen sets from Wolverine were made approximately in the 1950’s, possibly early 60’s. Most have some degree of rust, especially on the shiny silver parts. This is the easiest to remedy, I purchased a silver leafing pen (really it is like a marker) and over the past few months as i would get time, I would paint the silver leaf over all the silver parts on the kitchen pieces. It covers rust and fading perfectly.

Since my daughter will be playing with these and we don’t know if the original paint is lead based or not, I’ve used a clear coat lacquer to cover all the painted areas. This not only protects my daughter but also preserves the original colors and designs.

It turned out fabulous and my daughter is enjoying it!