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American Girl Fashion Show to Benefit Special Olympics New Jersey


My daughter wanted to do something good for others and we found a worthwhile cause, the Special Olympics of New Jersey. She became an Ambassador for Special Olympics NJ. This past birthday instead of receiving gifts she asked if anyone would like to bring a gift to instead bring a donation for the Special Olympics. She has raised a few hundred dollars so far.

This coming October 20th, they will be hosting an American Girl Fashion Show at the local country club and proceeds will go to the Special Olympics NJ. Tickets go on sale Sept 2nd.


Cute, easy halloween decorations made from construction paper


I’m planning my daughter’s classroom halloween party at school and wanted to make a couple cute decorations so I decided to make some from construction paper. I came up with a ghost, pumpkin and black cat.

These are very easy to make with multi colored construction paper, scissors and glue (I used a hot glue gun but I’m sure you can use any kind.) To make one just decide what color paper to use as the body, and make certain you have two sheets. Start by folding the paper like a fan or accordion, back and forth until the end, do the same for the second paper. Next you will want to glue the ends together so both pieces of paper will create the face for your decoration. Once the main part is dry, cut out eyes, nose and mouth (ears, etc) for your design and glue the, onto the front. Punch a hole in the back of one of the folds so your decoration can be hung up.

These came out pretty cute. I tried to give them a little bit of a vintage or retro look too.











Teacher gifts for Halloween, “germs are scary” antibacterial foaming gel


With Halloween fast approaching I wanted to give a little something to my daughters teachers and school bus driver. Keeping in the theme I decided to do a fun play on functional. Bottles of Natural Antibacterial Foaming hand cleaner (without alcohol) were my choice with cards I wrote on “Germs are scary.”

I purchased black, orange and spiderweb colored tissue paper and cut half of a sheet of each, layer them on top of each other and then gathered around the bottle. I then used some fun halloween ribbon to tie around the top and punched a hole in the cards I made, slipped the ribbon through and tied a bow. The cards were made with a sharpie and a few stickers on card stock and on the back is the to and from.

I think the teachers and bus driver will like these useful gifts.







Finding Monster High Doll School Supplies


This coming school year is fast approaching and as any other parent preparing their child for school, I’ve come to the point where my daughter wishes for a certain type of “branded” school supply. Last year it was Barbie, before that Lisa Frank and now low and behold it is Monster High Dolls. Let me just say these were the hardest to track down. I went to all the box stores, Target (only had the lunchbox and possibly a backpack), couldn’t find any of the much needed folders, notebooks or pencil cases. It finally dawned on me to check out Toys R us and they came through! They had it all even though they are starting to run low now. Hard pencil cases have been outed this year and so we were lucky they made a soft one with the Monster High theme. I’ve seen the jacked up prices online for these things and I would say don’t pay that if you can make your way to a Toys R Us by any means!

My daughter is all set now and will be bringing her favorite Gouls to school everyday now.

What theme are your kids using if any? Are you done school shopping yet?


Free fun kids project classes at Lowes Build and Grow



Every other weekend or so Lowes offers a fabulous free clinic for kids to make a great project in store. We have been going for the past two years and just adore it. You go online to build and grow website and sign up for an upcoming clinic for your child or children to attend, don’t forget to print off the waiver and bring with you. The stores have limited numbers of the kits though and so when they fill up they won’t let you sign up anymore. The best time to sign up is when they release new project dates online, normally the same day they are having a clinic in store.

You get to keep your project and receive a certificate of achievement and patch to iron or sew onto the free apron they give you too! Simply lots of fun.

Monster high birthday party


I wanted to share some of the past birthday party themes and cakes I’ve done for my daughter. The most recent was a Monster High Doll theme.

I did the cake and all decorating overnight while she was sleeping so she could come down to a surprise. She adored it. I had already unwrapped some of her gifts to use as decorations too.


<img src="https://sareewearingmama.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/20120808-165208.jpg" alt="20120808-165208.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"



Day two of camp, Angry Birds Bento


For my daughter’s second day of camp I have tried to create an angry birds theme.


This box includes: kiwi fruit cut in the shape of the green long beaked bird, black olives with an angry birds ring, a hard boiled egg, two grilled cheese sandwiches and 3 quadratini cookies. All the food coloring was done by edible markers.