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How to make gadgets like iPhone, iPad, Mac, kindle and cameras for Monster high or Barbie dolls


Today I decided to make use of some of the ads and old magazines we had laying around before I recycled them. I cut out photos of electronics sized right for 1:6 scale which works perfect for Monster high dolls or Barbie.

My daughter loved Cleo to have the same gadgets we have like the iPad, iPhone, kindle, Mac and a nice camera.

I cut out the pictures I wanted to use and then cut out the same size from left over packing foam I had saved for the iPhone and camera, for the other electronics I used cardboard. Glued the photos in place and on the back I used glittery self stick scrap booking paper.

We used gold to fit as a good design choice for Cleo DeNile.

















How to make furniture for Monster High Or Barbie dolls, Fainting Couch or Sofa


My daughter is very much into Monster High Dolls right now and after seeing the simply lovely furniture that people have made and are selling for extremely high prices on eBay, etsy etc, I’ve decided to try and make some of my own.

I’ve searched online and found no free instructions or patterns so I thought I would share my own first creation and any more I find time to make.

This first one I have made is a fainting couch or sofa.

Things you will need:
Fabric of your choice 1/4 yard should be enough for the whole sofa and maybe a chair too
Edging or ricrac of some kind, 1/2 yard
Batting 1/4 yard should be plenty for this and more
Foam board
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Cardboard for support pieces
Beads for feet

First find a photo of a couch you would like to replicate or feel free to use my own design.

Draw out on the foam board two shapes, the rectangle for the seat part and the design for the back piece. Cut them out and then lay batting over the top of each and cut out to the correct shape. Also you will need to do the same with the fabric, except leave a couple inches of allowance on all sides.

Place the fabric, batting and foam board together and use the hot glue to close all edges for both pieces.
Then cut out 4 rectangles for the bottom two long ones for the front and back of the sofa and two for the short sides. Cover them with only fabric and again hot glue the fabric on. Next make a box with them by adding hot glue and small rectangles of cardboard as added support to each corner.

Cut out another rectangle for the fainting curled arm of the sofa, cover with extra batting and fabric by gluing to it and then roll the end and glue n place. Attach this side with arm up by gluing to the rectangle base. Next glue beads to each bottom corner as feet. Also use your ribbon or trim and glue around the sides of the rectangle bottom.

Next glue the back to the seat of the sofa, be liberal with the glue and hold in place while drying. Lastly glue this to the rectangle base piece and again add lots of glue to keep in place.

You can also make the bolster pillow by just using batting with fabric glued together and then rolling it up and gluing as you roll it.

I chose fabrics to go with Cleo DeNile. I also made a couple accent pillows.

I plan on trying to make some other furniture pieces and adding how to’s and photos as well so check back again later. Also feel free to ask any questions you have, I’ll try to reply right away.

























Finding Monster High Doll School Supplies


This coming school year is fast approaching and as any other parent preparing their child for school, I’ve come to the point where my daughter wishes for a certain type of “branded” school supply. Last year it was Barbie, before that Lisa Frank and now low and behold it is Monster High Dolls. Let me just say these were the hardest to track down. I went to all the box stores, Target (only had the lunchbox and possibly a backpack), couldn’t find any of the much needed folders, notebooks or pencil cases. It finally dawned on me to check out Toys R us and they came through! They had it all even though they are starting to run low now. Hard pencil cases have been outed this year and so we were lucky they made a soft one with the Monster High theme. I’ve seen the jacked up prices online for these things and I would say don’t pay that if you can make your way to a Toys R Us by any means!

My daughter is all set now and will be bringing her favorite Gouls to school everyday now.

What theme are your kids using if any? Are you done school shopping yet?


Monster high birthday party


I wanted to share some of the past birthday party themes and cakes I’ve done for my daughter. The most recent was a Monster High Doll theme.

I did the cake and all decorating overnight while she was sleeping so she could come down to a surprise. She adored it. I had already unwrapped some of her gifts to use as decorations too.


<img src="https://sareewearingmama.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/20120808-165208.jpg" alt="20120808-165208.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"



3rd day of camp, Monster High Doll Bento


Day 3 of camp Monster High Doll Bento

Made with roll ups, black olive bats, string cheese ghosts, moon shaped strawberries, pumpkin shaped cucumbers, hard boiled egg with skullette drawn on and biscuits with whatzit drawn on.