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Cardboard table and chairs for American Girl or 18″ dolls


My daughter had been asking for a table and chairs set for her American Girl dolls to play with and last night she said that she dreamed that I made it for her, so I had to make it today.

I made a table big enough for four dolls and two chairs to start with.

Cardboard box the size of the table you want
Extra cardboard for the chairs
Shelf liner or any color, I used wood grained from the dollar store
Box cutter or exacto knife
Packing clear tape

I started by cutting the bottom and sides of the box leaving the top and corners as the legs. I reinforced the top of the box with tape.

Next I used the extra pieces of cardboard to make a chair using the doll as a guide for size, I cut a rectangle and bent in half and reinforced with tape, next I cut notches on each side and made two small rectangle sides for the chair and cut slits for the notches or tabs to go through.

I assembled and reinforced with tape and covered everything with the wood grain shelf liner.

My daughter loves the set and later I will have to make more chairs.