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Twinkle toes for American girl or 18″ dolls


My daughter loves her twinkle toes shoes and wished they had made some for her American Girl dolls. I started looking around for some plain tennis shoes that would fit and used gems to make our own.


Plain toed tennis shoes that fit your doll -$4 from amazon
Tiny gems 1,500 for $2 from amazon
Hot glue gun and sticks

Glue the gems one or two at a time on the toes until all is covered.

They turned out very cute and I plan on making another pair for her other doll too.





How to make ice cream scoops and thin mint cookies for American Girl Dolls


Tonight I tried my hand at making a couple of sweet play foods for my daughter’s American Girl dolls.

I used sculpty clay in white, dark brown and red.
Aluminum foil crumbled in a ball
Tiny 2 ounce size bowl to pretend serve

I took an amount of clay in any color for the ice cream and shaped into a scoop, you could use a measuring spoon or mold if you wish.
Next I textured it all over by pressing the aluminum foil ball all around.
I repeated for each scoop I wanted.
(For pink or strawberry I mixed a tiny piece of red with the white clay)

For the cookies I pressed a piece of clay to the size and shape of the cookies I wanted.

All were then baked at a 250 degree oven for 35 minutes.

I hope to make some more items as and when I get time.