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Making Girl Scout SWAPS for Camp


This is my daughter’s second year as a Girl Scout Daisy and second time at Camp but we just learned about SWAPS. Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.

They are little pins you can simply make and then share with your other camp mates and councilors. Also at different functions too.

I found out about these a little late and since there are only two days left of camp, I had to be crafty and quick to make them all today.

The design I made is a canoe with water and an oar. I first drew my shapes on cardboard to make my patterns and then cut the shapes from felts. Next I used hot glue to put them together and to attach a pin backing.

I had to make 35 for her camp and councilors. I also made little cards from card stock and wrote the year, camp name, by and email address and enclosed that and the swap in small clear bags to go to each person.

They came out cute and weren’t too hard to make.