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Funny bedtime stories


I try to read a book or a couple of chapters of a large book every night before my daughter sleeps. After the story is done she always begs for another story, so I tell her one. What has now become tradition every night are silly stories that go in crazy directions because they go like this…..

“once upon a time, there was a peacock who loved to…..(I pretend to fall asleep, so my daughter whispers Mama wake up) . play hopscotch on the big …... (I fall asleep again, she says mama). front lawn of the whitehouse, and just as the peacock jumps up in the air she lands on a. (asleep again…mama). giant marshmallow and gets stuck, so she has to call the . (snoring now…mama!). pizza delivery guy to eat lunch so she can eat the marshmallow for dessert. Then she is so tired so she flies back to her ….. (asleep again…mama wake up). seashell and climbs in to go to sleep, the end

Each time my daughter wakes me up after I’ve pretended to sleep she finds what I say next hilarious. I just say the first random thing that pops into my head for each story. A couple nights ago it ended up being about a snail who went sledding and ate pickles, another time it was a pony to waterskied and made friends with a rock and ate sunbeams.