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Valentine treats for American Girl Dolls


Valentines day is coming soon. There is still time to get beautiful treats for your American Girl or other 18″ dolls.


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American Girl Fashion Show to Benefit Special Olympics New Jersey


My daughter wanted to do something good for others and we found a worthwhile cause, the Special Olympics of New Jersey. She became an Ambassador for Special Olympics NJ. This past birthday instead of receiving gifts she asked if anyone would like to bring a gift to instead bring a donation for the Special Olympics. She has raised a few hundred dollars so far.

This coming October 20th, they will be hosting an American Girl Fashion Show at the local country club and proceeds will go to the Special Olympics NJ. Tickets go on sale Sept 2nd.


How to tame or fix messy American Girl Dolls curly hair


My daughter has a couple of American Girl dolls with beautiful curls. Unfortunately even with gentle play, their hair becomes a mess. Every few weeks or whenever I notice it, I will take them aside and fix their hair.

It seems a lot of moms have the same problem with their daughter’s dolls but might not know how to fix it.

This is the way I fix Caroline’s hair also Saige and Kanani too;

First I separate small sections and brush each one straight. Next I curl the hair around my finger and let it go. I repeat with each section all the way around. I use the American Girl hair brush.

Their hair comes out very nice. It may not be factory or salon exact but it does look close and certainly a lot better.











Clay faux fruit for American Girl dolls


My daughter’s American Girl dolls were in need of some more food now that they have their own kitchen, so we decided to try making some fruit. I bought sculpy clay from the craft store and used yellow for the bananas, orange for the oranges and red and green for the apples.

To make the apples I rolled clay into balls and then squeezed the bottom to make them look like apples and using a pick tool I made a hole in the top of each one and cut tiny sticks to insert as the stems. I pressed the clay around the stems to close the hole.

For the oranges I rolled clay into balls and textured with aluminum foil all over to give that pebbled look and feel.

The bananas I shaped yellow into long tubes and curved them. Next I pressed the top and bottom to look like the ends of a real banana. For the bunch I added five together and pressed the stems together. I added a little bit of green clay and rubbed along the sides. Also I used a tad of brown paint on my finger to color the top and bottom tips and here and there to make them look ripe.

I tried to make grapes but wasn’t happy with them, so I will redo them another time.

Lastly I baked all the fruit at 275 degrees on a piece of aluminum foil for 45 minutes.

My daughter and her dolls adore their new food. We also used some tiny jewelry boxes as holders for her fruit to keep in the icebox.






Vintage Wolverine metal kitchen set revamped for American Girl dolls, retro kitchen


My daughter has donated shelves full of toys from her playroom to make space for creating a dollhouse for her American Girl dolls. I have been keeping an eye out here and there for things that might fit or make it special. One of the first things I came across was a vintage Wolverine metal kitchen set exactly doll sized online. I got it for a great bargain but it needed a little revamping. Since my daughter has a child sized version I bought her years ago and I fixed that one up, I knew what I was doing.

These metal kitchen sets from Wolverine were made approximately in the 1950’s, possibly early 60’s. Most have some degree of rust, especially on the shiny silver parts. This is the easiest to remedy, I purchased a silver leafing pen (really it is like a marker) and over the past few months as i would get time, I would paint the silver leaf over all the silver parts on the kitchen pieces. It covers rust and fading perfectly.

Since my daughter will be playing with these and we don’t know if the original paint is lead based or not, I’ve used a clear coat lacquer to cover all the painted areas. This not only protects my daughter but also preserves the original colors and designs.

It turned out fabulous and my daughter is enjoying it!













Sending an American Girl Doll to the Doll Hospital


Now that my daughter has brought us into the world of American Girl, I had read about the American Girl Doll Hospital. One day while browsing eBay I came across a poor Felicity doll who looked like a little girl’s brother might have gotten a hold of. I showed her to my daughter and she wanted to help her and send her to the doll hospital to get well.

We bought her for a very low price and then called American Girl to ask how we send the doll into the hospital. We were directed to their website and could print off the admissions form and send in the doll.

Poor Felicity arrived here and was really in a bad shape, almost all her hair cut off, no eye lashes, marks all over and dangling limbs. My daughter got Felicity ready to go to the hospital by making her get well cards from all of her other dolls and a letter to the Doll Doctor, and also decorated the box she was to go in.

We sent in Felicity and expected her back in 3-4 weeks as they state the normal return time is, but we were pleasantly surprised to receive her back in less than one week!

My daughter was so thrilled to get Felicity back and she is all better. She looks completely new and was dressed in a hospital gown and socks and came with a certificate of health from a doll doctor as well as a get well card. She also came home in a beautiful white box with a bandaid sticker on the front and her hair done in the original style with a hair ribbon.

Great Job American Girl Doctors, we thank you!








Cardboard table and chairs for American Girl or 18″ dolls


My daughter had been asking for a table and chairs set for her American Girl dolls to play with and last night she said that she dreamed that I made it for her, so I had to make it today.

I made a table big enough for four dolls and two chairs to start with.

Cardboard box the size of the table you want
Extra cardboard for the chairs
Shelf liner or any color, I used wood grained from the dollar store
Box cutter or exacto knife
Packing clear tape

I started by cutting the bottom and sides of the box leaving the top and corners as the legs. I reinforced the top of the box with tape.

Next I used the extra pieces of cardboard to make a chair using the doll as a guide for size, I cut a rectangle and bent in half and reinforced with tape, next I cut notches on each side and made two small rectangle sides for the chair and cut slits for the notches or tabs to go through.

I assembled and reinforced with tape and covered everything with the wood grain shelf liner.

My daughter loves the set and later I will have to make more chairs.