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Beautiful Daisy Girl Scouts Hair Accessory, easy to make!


My daughter is in her second year of being a Girl Scout Daisy. She is on her way to learning the whole Girl Scout Law, which means earning her petal badges. I wanted to make her something cute to wear in her hair with her uniform vest. I’ve seen some cute hair clips and so decided to make my own version.

I used colors that matched as close as possible, and the colors are the numbers on the tape.
Then I cut small lengths about 2.5″-3″ of each color for the petals.
A small piece of cardboard was used for the Amazing Daisy center and covered with blue ribbon, then sewed onto the cardboard.
Each petal piece was looped and sewn in the middle with just two stitches to attach each petal, taking care to place each color in the correct order while going around.
I sewed the center in the middle and you could used either side for your top, depending on which look you like best.
Lastly I sewed the plain hair clip on the back.

This is my turn out:

A Daisy Hair Clip featuring ten petals which match each of the badge petals.
















How to make a plain or too large Tshirt cute by fringing it


Lately it seems my daughter had been getting a lot of too big tee shirts from camp, functions and school. They fit but are a little too big and boxy looking. I wanted to give them a cuter look and then remembered a craft fair from when I was a kid and someone fringing tee shirts.

Well I decided to try it and it came out adorable and now it is retro cute!

This is how I fringed a tee:

First flatten a sleeve so the seem is even and then cut the seam off. Next cut each of the folded ends up to the shoulder seam. Start cutting fringe next up to the seam.

Repeat with second sleeve.

For the bottom, start by making the bottom hem even and cut it off. next fold the tee in half so you can cut through four layers at once. Then decide how long you want the fringe and put something at the stopping point so you will be able to make it even. Cut the fringe.

The shirt is done and can be worn, once it is washed it will have an even better fringed look as each piece with curl together, longways.













Making Girl Scout SWAPS for Camp


This is my daughter’s second year as a Girl Scout Daisy and second time at Camp but we just learned about SWAPS. Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.

They are little pins you can simply make and then share with your other camp mates and councilors. Also at different functions too.

I found out about these a little late and since there are only two days left of camp, I had to be crafty and quick to make them all today.

The design I made is a canoe with water and an oar. I first drew my shapes on cardboard to make my patterns and then cut the shapes from felts. Next I used hot glue to put them together and to attach a pin backing.

I had to make 35 for her camp and councilors. I also made little cards from card stock and wrote the year, camp name, by and email address and enclosed that and the swap in small clear bags to go to each person.

They came out cute and weren’t too hard to make.







Clay faux fruit for American Girl dolls


My daughter’s American Girl dolls were in need of some more food now that they have their own kitchen, so we decided to try making some fruit. I bought sculpy clay from the craft store and used yellow for the bananas, orange for the oranges and red and green for the apples.

To make the apples I rolled clay into balls and then squeezed the bottom to make them look like apples and using a pick tool I made a hole in the top of each one and cut tiny sticks to insert as the stems. I pressed the clay around the stems to close the hole.

For the oranges I rolled clay into balls and textured with aluminum foil all over to give that pebbled look and feel.

The bananas I shaped yellow into long tubes and curved them. Next I pressed the top and bottom to look like the ends of a real banana. For the bunch I added five together and pressed the stems together. I added a little bit of green clay and rubbed along the sides. Also I used a tad of brown paint on my finger to color the top and bottom tips and here and there to make them look ripe.

I tried to make grapes but wasn’t happy with them, so I will redo them another time.

Lastly I baked all the fruit at 275 degrees on a piece of aluminum foil for 45 minutes.

My daughter and her dolls adore their new food. We also used some tiny jewelry boxes as holders for her fruit to keep in the icebox.






Vintage Wolverine metal kitchen set revamped for American Girl dolls, retro kitchen


My daughter has donated shelves full of toys from her playroom to make space for creating a dollhouse for her American Girl dolls. I have been keeping an eye out here and there for things that might fit or make it special. One of the first things I came across was a vintage Wolverine metal kitchen set exactly doll sized online. I got it for a great bargain but it needed a little revamping. Since my daughter has a child sized version I bought her years ago and I fixed that one up, I knew what I was doing.

These metal kitchen sets from Wolverine were made approximately in the 1950’s, possibly early 60’s. Most have some degree of rust, especially on the shiny silver parts. This is the easiest to remedy, I purchased a silver leafing pen (really it is like a marker) and over the past few months as i would get time, I would paint the silver leaf over all the silver parts on the kitchen pieces. It covers rust and fading perfectly.

Since my daughter will be playing with these and we don’t know if the original paint is lead based or not, I’ve used a clear coat lacquer to cover all the painted areas. This not only protects my daughter but also preserves the original colors and designs.

It turned out fabulous and my daughter is enjoying it!













Faux Drinks for American Girl Dolls, pink and regular lemonade


My daughter really wished to have some real looking drinks for her dolls and so after searching the craft shops for what they use to make the fake water in some flower arrangements, I’ve made pink and regular lemonade.

Plastic shot glasses 2oz size
Coffee stirrers cut down to size
Plastic crystal vase fillers that look like ice cubes
Easy cast epoxy
Paint in the colors you wish

I mixed the epoxy carefully following the directions and when ready to pour into the glasses I added a few drops of yellow for the regular lemonade and a few pink drops for the pink lemonade. I then poured into the tiny glasses and added the pieces of faux ice and straw.

I poured different levels of the drink so it looks like one was drank more than the other.

The only bad thing was the three day wait for it to set. I think they turned out super cute and my daughter and her dolls do too.






Homemade valentines day dress for American Girl doll


For Valentines day I decided to try making a dress for my daughter’s American Girl doll.

Since my sewing machine and I aren’t on speaking terms right now, I hand sewed it. The material was simple cotton, made from a dress that didn’t fit my daughter anymore.

The closures are two buttons in the back.

I also made a small bag to match.