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American Girl Fashion Show to Benefit Special Olympics New Jersey


My daughter wanted to do something good for others and we found a worthwhile cause, the Special Olympics of New Jersey. She became an Ambassador for Special Olympics NJ. This past birthday instead of receiving gifts she asked if anyone would like to bring a gift to instead bring a donation for the Special Olympics. She has raised a few hundred dollars so far.

This coming October 20th, they will be hosting an American Girl Fashion Show at the local country club and proceeds will go to the Special Olympics NJ. Tickets go on sale Sept 2nd.


How to tame or fix messy American Girl Dolls curly hair


My daughter has a couple of American Girl dolls with beautiful curls. Unfortunately even with gentle play, their hair becomes a mess. Every few weeks or whenever I notice it, I will take them aside and fix their hair.

It seems a lot of moms have the same problem with their daughter’s dolls but might not know how to fix it.

This is the way I fix Caroline’s hair also Saige and Kanani too;

First I separate small sections and brush each one straight. Next I curl the hair around my finger and let it go. I repeat with each section all the way around. I use the American Girl hair brush.

Their hair comes out very nice. It may not be factory or salon exact but it does look close and certainly a lot better.











Easy trick to keep metal pins from rotating and moving (great for Girl Scout Membership year pins)


My daughter is a second year Daisy Girl Scout and her vest is quickly filling with badges and pins now. I’ve always had the frustration of seeing her pins rotate and be turned sideways or upside down. Today while sewing on her latest earned petal, I got the idea to try and correct those pins.

I’ve used a tiny piece of scrap felt and cut tiny squares out. Making certain they are small enough to hide behind the pin when on the fabric. I put one square through the back of the pin and then put the pin back in place on the vest.

This easy and simple trick worked perfectly and now all of the pins have stayed perfectly upright.

It should work for any metal pin including Girl Scout pins and also Disney Trading pins.