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Sending an American Girl Doll to the Doll Hospital


Now that my daughter has brought us into the world of American Girl, I had read about the American Girl Doll Hospital. One day while browsing eBay I came across a poor Felicity doll who looked like a little girl’s brother might have gotten a hold of. I showed her to my daughter and she wanted to help her and send her to the doll hospital to get well.

We bought her for a very low price and then called American Girl to ask how we send the doll into the hospital. We were directed to their website and could print off the admissions form and send in the doll.

Poor Felicity arrived here and was really in a bad shape, almost all her hair cut off, no eye lashes, marks all over and dangling limbs. My daughter got Felicity ready to go to the hospital by making her get well cards from all of her other dolls and a letter to the Doll Doctor, and also decorated the box she was to go in.

We sent in Felicity and expected her back in 3-4 weeks as they state the normal return time is, but we were pleasantly surprised to receive her back in less than one week!

My daughter was so thrilled to get Felicity back and she is all better. She looks completely new and was dressed in a hospital gown and socks and came with a certificate of health from a doll doctor as well as a get well card. She also came home in a beautiful white box with a bandaid sticker on the front and her hair done in the original style with a hair ribbon.

Great Job American Girl Doctors, we thank you!