Monthly Archives: March 2013

Organizing leapfrog Tag reader Pens and Books for easy reading


We love leapfrog and so my daughter has quite a collection of tag reader books and learning sets. Unfortunately the tag pens storage size of 32mb isn’t enough to hold everything. (I wish they would come out with larger storage sizes in the GB).

Anyway we have 3 pens and now it has become confusing to figure out which books work with which pens.

I decided to come up with a cute labeling system to match everything up.

I first went through all the books and games and checked which pen worked with each, then made piles separating them by pen.

I used my label maker and selected 3 different animal pictures, one for each pen. I printed them and colored in the backgrounds to make them more easily identifiable. Lastly I used clear tape to adhere them to the spine of the large books, the pens and games etc.

My daughter loves that she can now grab any book or game and instantly know which pen to use.