Faux Drinks for American Girl Dolls, pink and regular lemonade


My daughter really wished to have some real looking drinks for her dolls and so after searching the craft shops for what they use to make the fake water in some flower arrangements, I’ve made pink and regular lemonade.

Plastic shot glasses 2oz size
Coffee stirrers cut down to size
Plastic crystal vase fillers that look like ice cubes
Easy cast epoxy
Paint in the colors you wish

I mixed the epoxy carefully following the directions and when ready to pour into the glasses I added a few drops of yellow for the regular lemonade and a few pink drops for the pink lemonade. I then poured into the tiny glasses and added the pieces of faux ice and straw.

I poured different levels of the drink so it looks like one was drank more than the other.

The only bad thing was the three day wait for it to set. I think they turned out super cute and my daughter and her dolls do too.






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  1. Cute! I made some food the other day. I just need to take pictures of it. I think I’ll be making drinks soon. Thanks for sharing.

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