Cute, easy halloween decorations made from construction paper


I’m planning my daughter’s classroom halloween party at school and wanted to make a couple cute decorations so I decided to make some from construction paper. I came up with a ghost, pumpkin and black cat.

These are very easy to make with multi colored construction paper, scissors and glue (I used a hot glue gun but I’m sure you can use any kind.) To make one just decide what color paper to use as the body, and make certain you have two sheets. Start by folding the paper like a fan or accordion, back and forth until the end, do the same for the second paper. Next you will want to glue the ends together so both pieces of paper will create the face for your decoration. Once the main part is dry, cut out eyes, nose and mouth (ears, etc) for your design and glue the, onto the front. Punch a hole in the back of one of the folds so your decoration can be hung up.

These came out pretty cute. I tried to give them a little bit of a vintage or retro look too.











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