Monthly Archives: September 2012

Teacher gifts, spa socks and gifts made into a cupcake


It is always thoughtful to have your child bring a gift to their teacher(s) on the first day of school. In the previous year we had done flowers but wanted to try something a little different.

I had seen somewhere the idea of making a faux cupcake with socks and a lollipop as the “cherry on top” and decided I could fashion some with a twist and without the unneeded lollypop.

I wanted to make the gift something simple but useful and enjoyable. Going with a spa theme I purchased spa socks, a small hand lotion, an eye mask and a bottle of nail polish.

First I taped the nail polish upside down to the lotion so I would have both a top and a base. Next I wrapped the face mask around them and then wrapped the socks one at a time making the shape of a cupcake. I used a rubber band to hold everything in place. Next I cut a piece of colored paper to make the wrapper and taped it together at the seam. I used some cellophane plastic to wrap the cupcake up and tied some curling ribbon on the outside and attached a small gift tag as well.

The teachers adored these gifts and I know they will be enjoyed.