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3rd day of camp, Monster High Doll Bento


Day 3 of camp Monster High Doll Bento

Made with roll ups, black olive bats, string cheese ghosts, moon shaped strawberries, pumpkin shaped cucumbers, hard boiled egg with skullette drawn on and biscuits with whatzit drawn on.


Day two of camp, Angry Birds Bento


For my daughter’s second day of camp I have tried to create an angry birds theme.


This box includes: kiwi fruit cut in the shape of the green long beaked bird, black olives with an angry birds ring, a hard boiled egg, two grilled cheese sandwiches and 3 quadratini cookies. All the food coloring was done by edible markers.

My First Try at a Bento Lunch for my Daughter’s first day at camp


This was my first try at making a bento lunch. Something fun for my daughter to eat at camp.


I used food color markers for all the color. It took a little time but well worth it.

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