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Jurassic Park Birthday Party


A few years back my daughter had a wish for a Jurassic Park birthday. On a shoestring budget I was able to pull off an amazing themed birthday party for her. For decorations I used two great colors which are prominent in JP merchandise, red and yellow. I found some great Jurassic Park 3 and Lost World party supplies on eBay which included plates, napkins, tablecloths, balloons, goodie bags, etc. My daughter says that only dinosaurs in Jurassic park were real dinosaurs and so no cutesy Dinos to be found here. There was a great candy mold online that I purchased and used to make my own candy lollipops for each child as a take home treat along with a balloon. The cake was made at Costco but I had a frosting sheet made with two favorite dinosaurs picture on it and carried the theme of the red and yellow for the frosting. I also wanted to have a great photo prop to take a photo of each of the kids with so I came up with a cardboard jeep. This was easy to make out of a giant sheet of cardboard from Costco. It was one of the sheets that goes between stacks of products in the Costco store and free of course. I used markers to draw the outline of the jeep and collected some great images from online to print out and add to the jeep. All the kids adored this as they stood behind it and pretended to drive when I took photos. The last fun thing I wanted to make was a piñata. I could find anything close to what I wanted so I made my own using some dollar store balloons, tissue paper, newspaper and glue. I was able to make a baby raptor hatching out of the egg. Also this was made to be a pull string piñata so less destruction would happen. They had so much fun with it. Lastly I printed out some iron ons for her tshirt.

































Snacks for India Day Parade Bento


We are heading out to the India Day Parade here in Edison, New Jersey today and so I’ve made a snack Bento to bring along. I think it is appropriate to showcase love for India on the heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches, along with some strawberries, grapes and roll ups made with a tortilla, little cream cheese and veggie turkey lunch meat. This is a very simple and quick bento I made.


Funny bedtime stories


I try to read a book or a couple of chapters of a large book every night before my daughter sleeps. After the story is done she always begs for another story, so I tell her one. What has now become tradition every night are silly stories that go in crazy directions because they go like this…..

“once upon a time, there was a peacock who loved to…..(I pretend to fall asleep, so my daughter whispers Mama wake up) . play hopscotch on the big …... (I fall asleep again, she says mama). front lawn of the whitehouse, and just as the peacock jumps up in the air she lands on a. (asleep again…mama). giant marshmallow and gets stuck, so she has to call the . (snoring now…mama!). pizza delivery guy to eat lunch so she can eat the marshmallow for dessert. Then she is so tired so she flies back to her ….. (asleep again…mama wake up). seashell and climbs in to go to sleep, the end

Each time my daughter wakes me up after I’ve pretended to sleep she finds what I say next hilarious. I just say the first random thing that pops into my head for each story. A couple nights ago it ended up being about a snail who went sledding and ate pickles, another time it was a pony to waterskied and made friends with a rock and ate sunbeams.


Finding Monster High Doll School Supplies


This coming school year is fast approaching and as any other parent preparing their child for school, I’ve come to the point where my daughter wishes for a certain type of “branded” school supply. Last year it was Barbie, before that Lisa Frank and now low and behold it is Monster High Dolls. Let me just say these were the hardest to track down. I went to all the box stores, Target (only had the lunchbox and possibly a backpack), couldn’t find any of the much needed folders, notebooks or pencil cases. It finally dawned on me to check out Toys R us and they came through! They had it all even though they are starting to run low now. Hard pencil cases have been outed this year and so we were lucky they made a soft one with the Monster High theme. I’ve seen the jacked up prices online for these things and I would say don’t pay that if you can make your way to a Toys R Us by any means!

My daughter is all set now and will be bringing her favorite Gouls to school everyday now.

What theme are your kids using if any? Are you done school shopping yet?


Free fun kids project classes at Lowes Build and Grow



Every other weekend or so Lowes offers a fabulous free clinic for kids to make a great project in store. We have been going for the past two years and just adore it. You go online to build and grow website and sign up for an upcoming clinic for your child or children to attend, don’t forget to print off the waiver and bring with you. The stores have limited numbers of the kits though and so when they fill up they won’t let you sign up anymore. The best time to sign up is when they release new project dates online, normally the same day they are having a clinic in store.

You get to keep your project and receive a certificate of achievement and patch to iron or sew onto the free apron they give you too! Simply lots of fun.

Rapunzel or Disney Tangled Birthday Party


Last year my daughter wanted to have a Tangled themed party. So of course I sought out to make it colorful and fun. I used lots of different colored streamers to make the room festive, added balloons and even found hanging paper lanterns on a string. There were wall clings added to the walls and later moved to her room after the party. Party favors were simple homemade candy melted into Easter flower molds which look just like the special flower from the sun. Lastly the cake I wanted to be of Rapunzel’s birthday wish to see the lanterns. I’ve seen so many pictures of cakes that are of the tower but she wasn’t happy there, so why make something like that for a celebration? I first bought the small doll set with the boat and made a simple cake and decorated it to look like the water with the lanterns reflecting in it. Next I found a large piece of cardboard and painted the backdrop on it. I purchased the little battery operated tea lights and cut the very tip off the flame, I poked through a pencil to make holes randomly where I wanted to put the lights and cut out tiny pieces of yellow tissue paper. Then I glued the paper folded in on each side around the lights. They all created a beautiful flickering effect of real lanterns. Both my daughter and husband were in awe over my creation. The photos dont do it justice. That backdrop was saved and now stays on my daughter’s shelf.












Monster high birthday party


I wanted to share some of the past birthday party themes and cakes I’ve done for my daughter. The most recent was a Monster High Doll theme.

I did the cake and all decorating overnight while she was sleeping so she could come down to a surprise. She adored it. I had already unwrapped some of her gifts to use as decorations too.


<img src="" alt="20120808-165208.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"